The Sixteenth Day of Advent

Courtesy: The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” ~Matthew 25:40

I have never considered myself to be one of “the least” and yet, in a time of great turmoil I was nourished with food and love, in a time of great wandering my thirst for hope was quenched, and now, as I make my way through a new wilderness, I have felt the love of God in the warm welcome of new friends who have reached out to me as beacons of light in this solitary journey. Not just once, but several wonderful tear-welling, throat-aching, breath-halting times of late, someone has walked along side me, whether they knew it or not – and lifted me from very unfamiliar depths.

Frankly, it feels a bit odd to be on the receiving end of such signs of His gracious love. I have always fancied myself as the “Welcome-wagon-Erika-go-lightly-with-a-smile-on- her-face-and-a-skip-in-her-step” shining as or trying to be, a beacon of light for others. I never thought to look for a beacon of light in someone else.

Tonight, I sit here in the light of my tiny Christmas Sprig, glowing garland, and warm candlelight, contemplating in wonderment, how, if we open our hearts, let ourselves be vulnerable, take some risks and let others in –  Christ our Savior does amazing things.

As if on cue with my blessed realization, the jubilant strains of Vivaldi’s “Winter Concerto” sing out from my computer keyboard as my fingers dance and record my thoughts on the same. Yes, I did say dance. My heart is at once lighter and my thoughts brighter.

I am learning a valuable lesson this Advent season of preparation and patient wondering. Truly, I tell you, the Holy Spirit walks with us on this earth. I have experienced His power through the hands and hearts of others.

Thank you to the angels among us, who see the broken and reach out to them, who feed the hungry and poor of spirit with the bread of life, who quench the thirst of the lonely with compassion and friendship, and shine His light into the hearts of others. You are righteous in the eyes of God and beloved by those you have blessed.


Let your light so shine, just as His light shines in the darkness.

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