The Ninth Day of Advent

Courtesy: The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

We live in a time of great division, of competing interests, and divergent views on everything from the direction our country must take in her leadership to whether our health care should be mandated or a personal choice. The nations of the world are at odds over religion, climate change, economic ideals, boundary lines, and battle readiness. Threats to our national security and the best way to defend our freedoms pit gun control and  2nd Amendment proponents against each other. Disagreements over property rights and taxation divide neighbors. Even the protection of the very land we walk on is fair game for heated rhetoric.

All this fighting creates an immutable noise that wears on our spirits. Add to this cacophony of discord strife within our most intimate relationships and one might just want to run for the hills, or join a choir.

Singing in a choir is the perfect antidote for spiritual discordance.  No matter how diverse in belief,  political persuasion, or ethnicity the people are, each distinct voice is blended into harmony – sometimes perfect harmony – sometimes a little off key- but together they come as ONE voice to make a melodious sound. A sound so encompassing it drowns out the dissonance of the world around us.

God gave a very diverse world a very beautiful and powerful gift in music. When we sing with one voice  we create a community  of melody – a choir of harmony and maybe, just maybe, a hint of what peace can be.

Let your light so shine, as His light shines in the darkness.



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