The Seventh Day of Advent


Courtesy: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

There are times when I know I have met God. I have found him beside me on a mountaintop, rejoicing with His spirit at one with mine. Other times I have seen him in the actions of another, God at work in the world. He has lain beside me deep into the night and wiped tears from eyes as I fell asleep, God being near as I prayed.

A father with such magnitude and might … one would think we would see Him crowned in the glory we sing of and we would surely be dressed in our Sunday best if not better. I am sure he was there when my parents presented me for baptism in my white baptismal gown – that was likely the only time I met Him when I was worthy of meeting Him. But in His almighty grace, God prefers to meet us where we are at. He seeks us out in our roughest moments and He joins us in delight when we make it to the summit. We don’t have to be anything more than we are for God to open His arms to us. How should we greet Him? Just as we are – with our hearts open to his love.

Let your light so shine  – just as His light shines in the darkness.

2 thoughts on “The Seventh Day of Advent

  1. Erika, Your photography is wonderful particularly when paired with your description of your hikes and the meaning you draw from them. Thanks for sharing this blog as I have been on my own personal journey and relationship with God, but probably more recently than yours. I too felt the lord in those wonderful places in Glacier Park, but like a spoiled child, I did not walk and talk with him every day, and thank him for my blessings; for this I believe my life has suffered, and regrettably squandered many years that felt dulled by a sense of emptiness. Ah, but never too late to come home; I have humbled myself, put down the guilt and shame stick I beat myself with, asked for forgiveness, and have found great comfort in reading his word daily. Again, thanks for sharing and I look forward to talking with you again soon.


    • Thank you Steve for sharing your thoughts! I love God, love the mountains, love photography and LOVE to write. If I can shine the light of God into the lives of others by combining all three, then perhaps that is what God has called me to do. I am far from a theological expert, (would like to be though!!) but I know how important a relationship with God can be. In my case, it saved my life and for that I will always walk in His light and way. Look forward to talking with you too. You have always been so welcoming. Thank you for making me feel so welcome in the congregation.


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