Bridges of Change

bridgesI cross this bridge nearly every evening as I meander the outskirts of Whitefish, pausing on occasion to watch the various waterfowl swim about in the shallow, and this year, murky waters of the Whitefish River. Sometimes I revel in the sun’s reflection on rippling waters when the river is running clear.

Tonight however a flood of emotion stopped me in the middle of this handsome bridge. A sudden awareness of significant change came over me. Was it the touch of autumn in the air? Has the golden summer of penultimate climbing adventures passed into the cozy cradle of fall? Or was I sensing change deep within me? I honestly don’t know.

Tears streamed from my eyes as I read the muddy hand printed words on the rail: “The sun must set to rise”. I have passed those words umpteen times this summer yet tonight they landed in my heart.

Lord, I have crossed many bridges and lately haven’t looked back or thankfully burned any. But this bridge crossing has left me wandering and wondering. What is about to dawn in my life?

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